MICTOR attended Jiangsu (Thailand) Medical Equipment Online Exhibition

Mictor Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. participated in Jiangsu (Thailand) Medical Equipment Online Exhibition from Nov 9-Nov13, 2020. Product range in this exhibition covers Medical Equipment, Medical Technology, Home Health Products, Medical Consumables, Laboratory Equipment, In-vitro Diagnosis Test Equipment, Recovery Product, etc.

Mictor’s Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler and its Reload attracted a great number of visitors from Thailand market. The product is designed by a group of experienced specialists and experts who have been working in medial industry for several years. Mictor’s cutter stapler has similar performance compared with existing international brands’ endoscopic stapler, but is more cost-effective.

Asia represents 60% of world population. There is more than seventy million people in Thailand and more than 850 public hospitals and 650 private owned hospitals. Predicted by the year of 2026, the medical expenses in Asia-Pacific will exceed EU and become the 2nd largest medical expenses in the World. Asia is a very important market for Mictor to capture the internal market share. Mictor’s products attracted many potential customers from Thailand and surrounding countries by participating in this online exhibition. The new launched endoscopic linear cutter stapler and reload are highly praised by surgeons and distributors.

Mictor is dedicated to solving problems for patients from worldwide. Mictor focuses on research and development of minimally invasive surgical instruments, and aims to become an international brand trusted by surgeons around the world. 图片1

Post time: Feb-20-2021